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When we are experiencing anxiety, fear, and other lower vibrational emotions, we are operating from fight or flight. Experiencing life in a sustained survival mode state can drastically weaken the immune system, leaving you susceptible to getting sick and contracting an illness. When our body is too busy preparing for a crisis, our immune system is suppressed, sending our vital life force energy towards that which we are fearing and preparing for.

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RETAIL DEALER/ DISTRIBUTOR WANTED Qualifications: Located on major road Site large enough to accommodate 12 buildings Representative on site Investment required. Email: 207-738-5315


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Where to eat, play, stay and just hang out. A great resource for finding out what’s happening and what’s special about visiting and living in Waldo County. It’s all here in the 2020 Belfast & the Wonders of Waldo County magazine—the official publication of the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce!

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