Unit Helpers

Posted: 04/17/2022


Welcome to a new Career Ladder


Tall Pines Healthcare in Belfast is looking for a few individuals interested in an opportunity for a career ladder. This opportunity begins with the selected persons being hired as “Unit Helpers.” These “Helpers” will receive free training in how to assist Nurses CNAs, and CRMAs in caring for the elderly on both Skilled, Long Term & Residential Care units.

After showing satisfactory progress, those who care to, would be offered to receive additional training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and/or Certified Residential Medication Assistant (CRMA). Further advances on the career ladder could lead to training as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and/or Registered Nurse (RN). Come & talk with us about starting your journey in healthcare delivery.

Call Pam or Ken at 207-338-4117