Now Hiring!

Posted: 07/31/2022

Talented boatbuilders, marine carpenters, mechanics, fiberglassers, painters, varnishers, riggers, yard crew and waterfront crew are in a tremendous shortage right now. Our industry is definitely recognizing and appreciating those of us who have chosen careers in this field, as there are way too few of us to serve the growing interest in what we have been passionate about and honing our skills for. As a guy who started out with a love of boats and a community of boat people, this course of work has pulled me in with open arms, sometimes even grabbing ones. I started Belmont Boatworks about ten years ago with some friends who were as enthusiastic and boat crazy as me. It is quite clear that this little boatyard isn't going anywhere. I'm so proud of the work we're doing and the crew I work alongside of, that it's with a feeling of greed that I would want more, but the yard is continuing to grow at a pace that we can't serve without help. If you are an experienced craftsperson in the marine trades you likely have secure employment, and hopefully feel appreciated. If for any chance you'd like to consider a yard like ours, please reach out and see if we're a good fit. I would like to serve this community further, and we're closing in on our limits of how much we can offer. Maybe you could be the difference. We pay well, have great benefits, flex time, a fantastic group of regular customers and a huge swell of transient boats that are banging at our doors. We have a good reputation and offer secure long time careers. This is a place where you can can make a home to work in, and we are being asked to grow in every department. We want to say yes, and you can help. Please check us out at Belmont Boatworks, just outside Belfast, ME, or at