Junior Summer Counselor

Posted: 04/23/2023

📣 Calling all 12 or 13 year olds! 📣
We are currently taking applications for kids to be JUNIOR COUNSELORS for summer camp!

This will be our 3rd year having JUNIOR COUNSELORS. This experience is not only so much fun, but being a junior counselor has so many benefits for this "in between" age!

❤️ Get experience working with kids to build your first resume!

🧡 Learn all about non-violent communication and how we incorporate that here at Kids Unplugged!

💛Create bonds with younger kids that will last a lifetime!

💚Go on all of our adventures this summer with us from Fort Knox, a multitude of farms, swimming at our state parks and more!

💙Learn what it feels like to work at a company and be a part of a team.

💜And most importantly, have fun!

Junior Counselors will receive a certificate of volunteer hours, tee shirts and friendships that last. 🙂