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Earthways Guide Service: Since 1988, guiding wilderness experiences that cultivate our connection to the earth and all things.

Ray and Nancy Reitze, of Canaan, Maine, founded Earthways in 1988 with the mission statement: ''To teach people the ancient ways of living with the earth so they may hold a renewed perspective of love for all things, that they may freely choose their true life's purpose.''

Over the years Ray and Nancy have shared their knowledge and wisdom with many students, apprentices, and aspiring Maine Guides. When they met Patrick and Andrea Dole of Belfast, they knew they had found the right people to carry on the work of Earthways. Over the last five years, Andrea and Patrick have devoted time to work closely with Nancy and Ray, and have the elders' blessing to bring Earthways Guide Service to the next generation.

Earthways guides unique trips on the Allagash and St. John, on pristine ponds in the North Maine Woods, and winter camping in deeply peaceful Maine woods, and teaches a variety of skills classes throughout the year. Patrick Dole, a respected professional wooden boat builder in the Mid Coast for 20 years, has worked with Master Maine Guide Ray Reitze to continue the time-honored guiding traditions of building wood canvas canoes, pack baskets, paddles, snow shoes, toboggans, and other outdoor gear. Ray has generously shared a lifetime of wisdom with Patrick, including finer points of efficient canoe paddling, poling upstream, staying warm in winter camp, and many more unquantifiable aspects that can only be learned in proximity to a Master Guide.