Grasshopper Shop, The

Grasshopper Shop, The


About Us

A family-run business since 1975, the Grasshopper Shop is owned and operated by Sierra Dietz. We are known for selling nothing you need but everything you want! Our knowledgeable staff loves working together and offering the best in customer service to you.

At the Grasshopper Shop, we believe in shopping to smell the roses. Our eclectic emporiums are filled with a diverse selection of playful and practical items to brighten your day.
Charming children’s clothes and toys. Funky accessories and gifts. Women’s clothing, whimsical housewares and other interesting necessities. Plus stationary goods, jewelry,
candles and more! The Grasshopper Shop has everything you need—and all the fun stuff you didn’t know you needed!

Truly an institution, the Grasshopper Shop has been a family-owned business since 1975. We’re excited to return to Belfast, the home of our original location. Step inside and experience a world of simple pleasures.