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Limina Renewal Center

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Spiritual Retreat Center and space dedicated to supporting you during life's changes.

Our lives are full of change – sometimes we sense subtle shifts in our bodies, minds, and spirits. Other times, we enter transitions like becoming adults, questioning our beliefs, discerning job or career options, questioning gender and sexual identity, making a commitment to a partner, becoming a parent, moving, experiencing professional burn-out, getting divorced, retiring, living with illness, caregiving, grieving the death of a loved one, shifting addictive or co-dependent behaviors, and many more.

As we go through these transitions, we stand on the threshold between what is falling away and what is beginning. We are in a liminal time – the space between letting go of the past and allowing something new to emerge. Limina Renewal Center offers sacred space and resources to companion you in this between-time, or during more settled times when you are seeking rest and renewal.