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About Us

Welcome to our 2019 -2020 Season

PBS was founded in Belfast, Maine, by Robert Coller (and initially named after him), the Penobscot Bay Singers have been performing throughout the midcoast Maine area for the past 46 years, bringing fine choral music to many communities. Members gather weekly from Waldo and Knox Counties throughout the season to rehearse in preparation for winter, spring and early summer (pops) concerts.

Singers are directed by Richard M. Dostie and accompanied by Linnea Johnson. Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 7 to 9 p.m., at St. Margaret's Parish Hall, 95 Court Street, Belfast, Maine, September through early June.

Officers and Committee Members:
Co-Chairs: Kathy Hayes & Julian Sheffield
Secretary: Linda Dunson & Sue Nichols
Treasurer: Karen Gleeson
Communications: Keith Dunson
Concert Master: Charles Crane
Fundraising: Peter Nesin
Music Librarians: Judy Staples & Stephanie Wagner

Our Partners
The Penobscot Bay Singers have partnered with the Waldo County Technical Center Graphic Arts classes for the design and production of posters and programs for each concert. We love the students and their enthusiasm and creative vision.

PBS is also partnered with St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Belfast. They have provided us with a wonderful rehearsal space for many years.

Like all non-profit organizations, we rely upon the generosity of the our audience, community members, local businesses and our fellow singers to keep the group going financially. A huge thank-you to all who contribute money, time, energy, storage space and general goodwill to our singers.


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