Waldo County Woodshed



About Us

How we Operate:

Please read before you call for assistance, there have been some changes since last winter.

The Woodshed will begin offering 1/4 cord of wood per household up to once per week some time the first week of November. Based on our inventory and recent history, we hope we will be able to provide assistance until some time in March, but we can't promise how long the wood will last.

We will have 9 or 10 pick up sites around Waldo and Knox Counties, as we did last year. We ask that everyone follow the state social distancing and mask guidelines that are in place at the time.

Once we announce an opening date, we will invite people to reach out for assistance. The preferred method for contacting our scheduler is by text, secondary method by phone. PLEASE wait until we make this announcement before calling us. Calls to our answering machine may go unanswered for longer than you think they should, for that we apologize.

There is no formal application process for help, we run on the honor system that says if you ask for help, we will provide it. This has worked well since we started!

We are using a new software system to track our inventory and where the wood goes, so we have better data to share with our sponsors and potential sponsors. Because of this we will be asking for more information on each household we help. The names of our clients will be kept confidential as always but data we collect may be shared later on.

And we ALWAYS need volunteers at our pickup sites! Feel free to ask questions and we'll get back to you asap. Thank you and stay warm!