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Jenn brings her deep love of plants, their wisdom, and their capacity to heal to her work at Willow Moon Ventures/Willow Moon Florist. She has gardened in Maine for decades: growing food, medicine, herbs and flowers. Jenn loves blending the wild with the unusual in her arrangements, but mostly she wants to create something that you will love.

In addition to custom cut flowers and arrangements, there are other flower-related products that will vary throughout the year:
flower essences & elixirs, hydrosols, and seedlings.

You can also visit Willow Moon Ventures/Nursery in Morrill by appointment where there is a variety of medicinals, pollinator & permaculture plants and loads of daylilies, some locally hybridized.

Other possibilities include leadership and astrology classes, astrology readings, landscape consulting, flower & gem essences, diversity training and more. Please see willowmoonventures.com for more information. Or call 207-505-1425.


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