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Latest update Nov. 11, 2020. We are coming up on being closed for 8 months! There's no way to look at it other than: this is crazy! We've been around for more than 108 years and never ever have we ever had to do this. Meanwhile every time we start to plan for re-opening the ''rona'' blows up again. Hollywood keeps moving movies away from us. That does not help. The vaccines are coming fast. That does help. There is light at the end of this lon tunnel! Where are we now. Soon we will be doing private shows. Stay tuned. You will be able to reserve a theatre and bring your own movie and your small group of friends and family. Until the virus is beat down that's as good as it gets. Our next step after private shows would be having regular shows: we do not see this as yet. So.. stay tuned and stay well. We'll see you at the movies soon!

~Mike and Therese


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